Telperion and Laurelin

She sang a song of life and light,
Of stars of evening shimm'ring bright,
and glory flowering in the night.
In the deep dark a gleam of white
shone from the earth; and slowly grew
fresh and bright, a radiance new
Fell fair from it as silver rain;
White flowers blossomed in the train
of dark green leaves with silver edged
And yielded forth the light ungrudged
Of a pale white-glimmering dawn
and silver light shone on the lawn.

Then slowly with a growth of gold
Laurelin shining leaves unfold
Of bright fresh green as spring's new shoots
And sunlight dancing on the roots
Of ancient trees through em'rald leaves.
Flowers radiant through the sheaves
Of the gold growth of Laurelin
in clusters spill the light within
every fair leaf and branch and bloom;
Radiant gold drove back the gloom.

They were the trees of Valinor,
White and gold, the glory of yore
Shone in them; the dawn of white
was brightened with the golden light
Of Laurelin, like rising sun.
In glory and in light upon
The mound of green Ezellohar
Their radiance bright was seen afar.

Yavanna rested from her song
Silence fell, as ever more strong
The glory of the Two trees shone,
the glimmer of a blissful dawn.