The Waking of the Elves

When the elven stars first came
Rising o'er the world in flame,
Then the Quendi fully woke
And first they saw and sang and spoke.

"El!" they cried, "Behold the sight
Of the starlight, glit'ring white!
Hearken to the tink'ling noise
Of flowing water's crystal voice!"

In great joy the Quendi sang
Till the rocks and mountains rang
Till the streams to laughter woke
And mighty trees in whispers spoke.

Arda fair neath starry skies
Spread before their wond'ring eyes.
Silver lay Cuiviénen,
more beautiful than thought of men.

Round it towered lofty heights,
Silent guards through silent nights,
Mist-enfolded, crowned with snow
reflecting starlight's crystal glow.

With soft breezes ripples stirred;
like a music without word
rivers laughing to it ran:
the Lake of Waking shining wan.

Fair the sighing starlit mere
of Cuiviénen the clear!
To those hallowed waters strayed
no evil thing, dark ghost or shade.

In the wide world shadow-things
flittered still on batlike wings.
But the Quendi noticed not
the monstrous beings that darkness wrought.

Thus the Speakers peaceful roamed
neath the heavens starry-domed
Wond'ring at all they discerned
While years unheeded swiftly turned.

'Twas an age of innocence,
When the hallowed radiance
of the Trees was veiled by night
and star-light filled the Star-folk's sight.